Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pray & Trust God - Beware of the Devil's Deceptions Against the Pope

   For the past few days, I was alarmed with friends sending text messages, Facebook posts and suggest viewing of several websites that seemingly disturb them about our new Pope. Let us remind everyone then about the devil's tactics that most Catholic Christian faithful usually fall trapped with.

   With the most recent developments where Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI steps down from papacy and Pope Francis assumes leadership of the Catholic Church, the Catholic faithfuls have become easy targets of intrigues and controversies surrounding the stories behind Benedict XVI and Francis. Many groups and individuals take this as their best opportunity to spread rumors and unverified & fabricated stories to destroy the reputation of the new Pope, just in time while the people are adjusting to the changes.

  There are internet sites and text messages being forwarded questioning the decision of Benedict XVI and also the election and profile of Francis. There are even sites who present themselves as a Catholic Source, Catholic Visionaries, and somewhat prophetic that aims to make people believe that their prophesies and testimonies are from heaven, even using names that imply they are very Catholic. However, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the fruits will reveal the true source.

 Many people have become weary, fearful, depressed, uncomfortable, confused and paranoid with the prophesies that the change in Vatican leadership is a sign that the so-called Second Coming is very near and that Satan is already taking-over. By the fruits, know that these are of evil source. The Holy Spirit spreads cheer, hope, joy and peace. News that spreads fear, unrest and doubt are diabolic - dividing the people of God. Because Satan in his wise mind wants the Church to be divided and make us all defenseless and susceptible to all kinds of attacks. And this devil starts by attacking the Pope by insinuating insults and evil machinations.

   The devil knows that when people lose confidence to the Pope, they lose also their trust to the entire Church, thus, allowing their faith to become shaky and susceptible to suggestions of abandoning their Catholic faith. The devil also knows his timing. He knows the perfect timing to implicate doubts among the Catholic faithful while everyone is trying to be acquainted with Pope Francis' profile and track record.

   The tactic is simple yet very effective. The devil uses "prophesies" that catches the attention of many Catholic faithfuls as this kind of strategy is very appealing to people. He hides in the names of individuals, organizations and internet sites that appear to be Catholic in order to deceive the innocent and unknowing faithfuls. Satan knows well how to play around with the weaknesses of people by using the title of their own devotions to mislead the flock (e.g. Divine Mercy, Mary, etc.). This "prophetic" approach pretends to possess the Divine Knowledge revealed by God, thus enabling them to know the future and proclaim the right interpretation of events. This is perfectly the devil's line of attack. Only the Church, the Magisterium, has the authority in teaching, preaching and proclaiming the truth through the power of the Holy Spirit.

   Let us pray and learn to trust God more. If we really believe in God, and if we really believe that God hears our prayers, will He give us a snake and stone when we asked Him for bread in our prayers for the conclave while the cardinals are discerning for the election of our new Pope?

   Begone Satan! Go back to hell where Christ commands you to go and never come back.

    St. Benedict, pray for us.
    St. Michael the archangel, pray for us.
    All Carmelite Saints, pray for us.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
    Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us and deliver us from all evil. Amen.